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SMPO DL02 - Advanced Sub-Ohm Disposable Vape

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SMPO DL02 is a fascinating disposable vape that will pique your curiosity. You may wonder, what makes it so unique? Let me tell you. DL02 stands out with its sub-ohm design, delivering a smooth and exceptional direct-lung experience. And here's the intriguing part—it features an impressively large capacity, capable of holding 20ml of capacity, allowing for extended enjoyment without the hassle of frequent refills. What's more, the DL02 comes with adjustable airflow, allowing you to customize the vaping sensation according to your preferences.But that's not all, it incorporates the innovative CRUX dry-heating protection technology, ensuring safety and quality throughout your vaping journey. With 8 options to choose from, such as Mango Juice, Strawberry Ice Cream, and Lemon Candy, you can indulge in a variety of taste experiences. In summary, the SMPO DL02 is a high-performance and user-friendly disposable vape, perfect for smokers who seek exceptional quality and convenience.



CRUX Dry-hit Prevention Tech
20W 0.6ohm SUB-OHM Performance
Slid button for MTL-DL adjustment
20ml super  capacity
Prefilled cotton coil for anti leaking


Dimensions: 110.9*45.7*28.2mm
Capacity: 20ml
Battery capacity: 750mAh
Level: 1%
Resistance: 0.6Ω Mesh coil


Peanut butter; Strawberry ice cream; Mango juice; Lemon candy; Mix berries; Strawberry kiwi; Cranberry grape; Watermelon ice


Take the plunge and order the SMPO DL02 for an exceptional vaping experience! Experience the smooth direct-lung sensation and indulge in the generous 20ml  capacity. Adjust the airflow to perfection, tailored to your preferences. With the innovative dry-heating protection technology, safety and quality are assured. Don't hesitate! Choose from 8 options like Mango Juice and Strawberry Ice Cream to satisfy your taste buds. Place your order now and delight in the pleasure of vaping!